Straight forward healthcare without the headache
Direct Primary Care that’s clear,
convenient, and common sense.
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Direct Primary Care is Healthcare Reborn

Medical membership that makes care accessible to the uninsured, under insured, busy insured, and generally healthy young people who don’t have time to wait to be seen physically by a doctor.

Primary Care Got You Down?


ILL Timed?

Got a feeling you may be coming down with something on a Friday but you have to go out of town?

General Checkup

Lack of Convenience?

Need a general checkup but don't want to go to a doctor's office, then a lab, then wait for results?

Medical Care

Too Busy?

Wish medical care could just mean you text your doctor and get an answer?



Don’t have medical care even though you’re employed?


Employee Healthcare?

Are you a small business owner who wants healthcare for your employees?



What if my doctor could talk to me and take care of me over the phone or email like all of my other services do?

Fawkes, MD is Making it Easier

Direct Primary Care at Fawkes MD
With Direct Primary Care at Fawkes, MD, all this and more are available for an affordable membership that gives you direct access to your doctor without the hassle of insurance, waiting for call backs, or half a dozen people between you and your doctor.
Make it easy to see your doctor and get convenient medical care without insurance delays, paperwork, and rejections.
Fawkes, MD offers you 100% telehealth visits with a doctor for up to an hour all from your home, office, or phone.
Just you and your DPC physician discussing what matters most: YOUR HEALTH.

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